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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Launches Niryat Portal

On June 23, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the NIRYAT portal – the National Import-Export Record for Yearly Analysis of Trade. The portal will serve as a one-stop-shop for information on foreign trade. The PM will address the gathering to launch the portal. The NIRYAT portal will contain the data pertaining to the import and export of goods and services across the country. The Prime Minister will also speak to the gathering on the importance of the portal.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday inaugurated the new office complex of the Commerce Ministry called Vanijya Bhawan and launched the NIRYAT portal in Delhi. He said it is time for the government to renew its pledge of easy doing business and easy living and that the link between the two is the ease of access. In essence, this means development for all. Let’s see how this portal will help the economy. The new portal will make it easier to do business and living.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Launches Niryat Portal
Prime Minister Narendra Modi Launches Niryat Portal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the NIRYAT portal, an information technology-driven platform to analyze India’s import-export trade. The portal is a one-stop shop for all stakeholders and will provide them with critical data on the country’s foreign trade. It is expected to help exporters improve their performance by bridging the gap between imports and exports. The Confederation of All India Traders says the portal will break silos and provide real-time data to all stakeholders.

Provide Real-time Data for All Stakeholders

NIRYAT will help the government to provide real-time data for all stakeholders. It will provide data on 30 commodity groups exported to over 200 countries. In the future, district-wise export information will also be available. This will strengthen the efforts of district-level development as export centers. The increase in exports will help India’s transition from a developing country to a developed one. So, make use of the new technology and start exporting!

Vanijya Bhawan

PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the new Vanijya Bhawan today. The new portal will help the commerce, MSME, and trade sector. The new portal will facilitate business and trade, creating a sense of ease of doing business. Ease of access is essential for fulfilling the dream of a new India. Niryat portal will help businesses and individuals to get the information they need at their fingertips.

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In a ceremony at the new Vanijya Bhawan office complex, PM Modi launched the NIRYAT portal. This portal will help Indian citizens learn more about the country’s foreign trade. The inauguration of the NIRYAT portal is a great step toward citizen-centric governance. The portal will also help in enhancing the existing digital and physical infrastructure. PM Modi and Union Trade and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal were also at the inauguration ceremony.

The NIRYAT portal is a one-stop shop for information related to import-export trade in India. It will provide real-time data to stakeholders and facilitate trade and commerce. The portal will provide information on the export and import status of 30 commodity groups, and it will also include district-wise export data. Such information will help strengthen the efforts of districts to become export-centric. The new portal will greatly benefit businesses, traders, and the MSME sector.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

A new portal launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will help all stakeholders understand India’s foreign trade. Short for National Import-Export Record for Yearly Analysis of Trade, NIRYAT will provide real-time data on imports and exports. PM Modi says NIRYAT will help break silos and provide accurate data to all stakeholders. The portal will also help boost India’s exports, especially in the agricultural sector.

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This new government portal will benefit the commerce, industry, and MSME sectors. It will also encourage new aspirations and ease of doing business, which will improve people’s standard of living. Ease of access is a vital aspect of developing the country and fulfilling the people’s dreams. The portal will make the entire export and import process more efficient and transparent. The portal will help those who export, buy, sell, and produce goods.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCI)

PM Narendra Modi will inaugurate the new office complex of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCI) and launch the NIRYAT portal. NIRYAT is designed to make it easier for stakeholders to access information about India’s foreign trade. The new building is a modern, integrated office complex that will house the Department of Commerce and the Ministry of Promotion of Industry. This will help Indian businesses reach a worldwide audience and provide information on India’s trade, exports, and imports.

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