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Pet Master is an online mobile game for Android and IOS. It’s similar to Dice Dream, but instead of using coins, you use dice to determine your actions. You can use your dice to attack enemies or steal their treasure. As you gain money and level up, you can upgrade your fortress to keep more treasure. The game has many features that make it addictive. And best of all, it’s free to download!

Whether you’re looking to earn coins or spin free spins, earning free spins through PET master events can be a great way to boost your game’s earnings. Just be sure to play with a friend so that you can earn as much gold as possible! You can also spend the coins you earn on chests and city upgrades. Remember to be careful and play responsibly, or you’ll regret your decision.

Pet Master Free Spins Link

Free spins are a great way to keep playing. You can earn free spins by inviting friends or by winning tournaments. Pet Master also has a referral system that offers new players free spins every hour. Invite friends to play the game, and you’ll be rewarded with extra free spins! While playing the game, remember to set a reminder so you’ll know when to visit the game to play your free spins!

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Pet Master Free Spins October 2022

Date Reward Claim Link
09.10.2022 Daily Bonus Collect
09.10.2022 25 Spins Collect
09.10.2022 25 Spins Collect
07.10.2022 10 Spins & 1.8M Coins Collect
06.10.2022 25 Spins Collect
05.10.2022 10 Spins & 1.8M Coins Collect
05.10.2022 25 Spins Collect
04.10.2022 25 Spins Collect
04.10.2022 10 Spins, 2M Coins Collect
03.10.2022 25 Spins Collect
02.10.2022 10 Spins & 1.8M Collect
01.10.2022 25 Spins Collect
01.10.2022 25 Spins Collect

How To Get Free Spins in Pet Master

There are a few ways to earn Free Spins in PET master. You can invite friends to join and earn them. You can also complete card sets and participate in events; these strategies can earn you free spins. Read on to learn how to get free spins in PET master! You can start playing today! Here are some tips to get started: Invite friendsYou can invite friends to play PET master Free Spins and earn extra free spins.

The number of free spins varies according to your signup success. You can request five additional spins every hour and claim up to 50 spins if you invite more than five friends. During the day, you can earn extra free spins by purchasing a sandwich or coffee, so make sure you’re logged in at the end of the day.Participants in EventYou can also earn free spins by participating in casino events.

Different events will require you to match three-event tokens in a row. Matching three or more in a short period will earn you a prize or free spins. Pet Master hosts casino events regularly. You can attend any of these events and earn extra spins. You can even win a pet from each event!

To invite friends to play Pet Master, follow the instructions provided by the developers of the game. You will be sent a link to an official website for the game. The link will be valid for a few days, and you can use it once. You can only use this link once per person. If the link is expired, you won’t receive any free spins. But if your friend plays the game, they’ll receive a gift. Share Link To Facebook

Once you invite friends to play Pet Master, you’ll need to share the link with them via your Facebook account. There are also buttons to share the link using your Facebook messenger. Once your friend accepts the invite, they’ll receive 90 free spins, and you can get as many as 250 free spins from the process. However, if your friend cannot connect through Facebook, you can try removing the cache data from your account and try again.You can also receive free spins from your friends if they play Pet Master. You can send up to 100 free spins to friends, and they can send them to you in return. The bonus is doubled if you reach the fifty-spin mark, so invite friends who play Pet Master to take advantage of this bonus. You will receive a free spin every time one of your friends plays Pet Master; this way, you can earn a lot of free spins!Complete card sets

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