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Dice Dreams Village – How to Get More Coins and Free Rolls

Dice Dreams Village – How to Get More Coins and Free Rolls: In the Dice Dreams mobile game, you can build and rebuild kingdoms to earn rewards such as free spins and extra goodies. You can begin your journey by building a castle, the central structure of all kingdoms. Invest in cheaper constructions and continue to build kingdoms. The more coins you earn, the higher your rewards multiplier will be.

Dice Dreams Village
Dice Dreams Village

You can also collect stickers and other special goodies as you go along. But if you’re unsure how to earn coins, you can read on to learn more about making the most of this game.

Rewards multiplier

You can use the rewards multiplier on Dice Dreams to increase your earnings and maximize your profits. You can choose to increase your multiplier by tapping the x1 button. Some multipliers will only become active after rolling a certain number of dice. Each time you roll a dice with a multiplier, you pay a higher cost, but you will receive bigger rewards. The rewards multiplier will increase your earning potential by ten times.

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In Dice Dreams, you can purchase stickers to get additional rolls of dice. Gamers can purchase these stickers from the game store to increase your score. Stickers come in different levels, so you should aim for a higher-level sticker pack when possible. Sticker packs are available at varying prices and can be exchanged for coins. You can even share them through social networks like Facebook. You can also spend your coins to purchase features for your Dice Dreams village.

Always Use The Rewards Multiplier

Another way to get free coins and rolls is to exchange your stickers with other players. This way, you’ll have the opportunity to earn X4 cards. The more stickers you exchange, the higher your chance of obtaining a rare sticker. It would be best if you also were building your kingdom and focusing on earning free rolls. Moreover, you can also receive free rolls by inviting your friends on Facebook. It’s a win-win situation for you and your friends.

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You can also connect your Facebook account with Dice Dreams to receive free rolls. By logging in to your Facebook account, you can invite your friends and earn extra coins and bonuses. You can also compete against them in tournaments and win free rolls. Connecting your Facebook account to your Dice Dreams account will earn free rolls and can also win exclusive rewards. This game is free to download, so you don’t have to pay anything to try it out.

Earning free Rolls

The free Dice Dreams game is a fantastic way to earn extra cash and rewards. It’s possible to earn free Rolls in many ways, including the use of stickers. You can earn free Rolls by exchanging stickers with friends, earning additional dice, and purchasing exclusive items. Here’s how. Read on to learn how to earn free Rolls in the dice dream village game!

Sticker packs give extra dice rolls. You can purchase them in the store or get free Sticker packs if you buy the appropriate purchase sets. Buy stickers for your kingdom by purchasing packs, or ask friends to send you free Stickers. The more Stickers you have, the more free Rolls you’ll get. Stickers also help you improve your score! But the best way to earn free Rolls in Dice Dreams is to play with friends.

Play Once Your Rolls Are Full

To earn free Rolls in Dice Dreams, you must view advertisements and connect with friends through Facebook. These ads appear about 3 times a day. After completing the required tasks, you can earn coins and free Rolls in the Dice Dreams game. You can even share this guide with your friends who enjoy playing Dice Dreams. These tips will make earning free Rolls a lot easier.

Another great way to earn free Rolls in Dice Dreams is to complete events. As you build your kingdom, you’ll receive more free rolls. You can also share updates of your kingdom to earn free rolls. Completing Stickers collections is another great way to earn free Rolls in Dice Dreams. These collections will reward you with free rolls and other gifts. You can earn extra Rolls by completing events and sharing updates on Facebook.

Earning coins

You should earn coins during battles to increase your score in Dice Dreams village. The coins can then be invested in buildings, such as a castle, to increase your kingdom’s defence. In Dice Dreams, you can invest in many things, including new items and upgrades to your castle. Once you have enough coins, you can even build a dream kingdom! To get more coins, read below for some ways to earn coins in Dice Dreams village.

The fastest way to gain coins in Dice Dreams village is to attack other kingdoms, and you can do this by using a slingshot. There are five ways to get coins, and you can upgrade your village as many times as you want. To upgrade your kingdom faster, build the most powerful buildings, such as a castle or a dungeon. Remember to upgrade your buildings regularly, as if you were in a real-world kingdom!

Steal A Coin of Other Players

Dice Dreams village is a fun Facebook game that requires you to roll a pair of dice and spends coins to get various items. You can also attack opponents to gather more treasure. Dice Dreams has many features, and you can download it for free. There are free and paid versions of the game, and you can play them on your PC. You will be able to collect coins and expand your kingdom without any difficulty!

Another way to earn coins in Dice Dreams village is by stealing coins from other players. Whether you attack other players, play the game, or steal their coins, you can earn tons of money in Dice Dreams. While Dice Dreams village can be quite easy to play, it is worth spending time mastering its gameplay. You can play with your friends and try to earn as many coins as possible!

Getting stickers

Dice Dreams has two types of stickers:

  1. Normal
  2. Golden

Completing the first one will give you an extra roll, die, and XP. The second type gives you a chance to get five crowns. Getting stickers is simple, but you have to be careful: collecting one of each type of sticker is not always easy. There are several ways to earn extra stickers and avoid running out of them.

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You can also get extra Rolls and coins by collecting Sticker labels. You can complete these collections with coins or buy them for special gifts and extra dice. Stickers of higher rarity are rarer and offer more rewards, and completing a set of stickers will give you additional dice and rolls and XP. The gold stickers, however, are rare and can be traded only during special events.

Complete Sticker Packs Before Moving To A New Kingdom

Obtaining stickers in Dice Dreams is easy and requires skill. It takes some practice, but the rewards are worth it. The stickers in the Dice Dreams game can help you improve your game and earn more money. Special events for each day of the week give you extra resources and free rolls. These events are great for moving along quickly, but you must be vigilant about spotting the best events to participate in.

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You have to download the game from the Google Play store to get more free dice. Once you’ve got it, go to the website of the Dice Dreams reward app. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be redirected to the free dice! You’ll need to follow instructions carefully, as each case differs. Once you’ve received your free dice, you’ll be prompted to enter the Dice Dreams game’s reward page.

Getting gold

Getting gold at Dice Dreams Village is possible with the help of several strategies. During battles, you can use the coins you earn to buy buildings for your castle. Investing in the right buildings can improve your castle’s defence and build a dream kingdom. However, it would be best if you calculated your forces to make a successful attack.

Here are some tips on how to get gold at Dice Dreams Village:

  • Firstly, you should always try to upgrade your village as much as possible.
  • You can spend coins on different objects, including banners and hammers.
  • To upgrade your village, you need to spend coins on upgrading the building five times.
  • You can also earn coins by collecting the X3 steal card.

However, make sure to check the details of the rewards before spending your hard-earned gold. Moreover, make sure to follow the updates in the game so that you can maximize your rewards.

Another tip on how to get gold at Dice Dreams Village is to install the Dice Dreams mod on your device. This will enable you to make as many moves as you want. The original version only allows you to make a dozen moves, and the mod will let you use unlimited moves. You can also fight your enemies using a magic board and search for stolen kingdom property. If you want to avoid losing your gold, you can also fight the pirates with the help of your dice.


When playing Dice Dreams, you can purchase stickers for additional dice rolls. The coins from stickers will increase your score. If you buy the best stickers, you’ll earn more coins. However, you should always purchase a sticker pack in a new kingdom. A good way to obtain stickers is to trade them with friends or in a chat. If you don’t have a friend who plays Dice Dreams, you can ask them to send you the sticker.

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